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Sunday, 2019-05-19, 7:01 AM
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11:56 AM
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(The Essence Knowledge of Body Metaphysic Iron)
Term of “ILMU Hakekat Induk Besi” (Let us says The essence knowledge of body metaphysic iron) is very much fomous in Malay-Asia, especially in Sumatra-Indonesia. In the past, this “ilmu” was used by the master of swordsmanship (PENDEKAR) but now is very rare in this time there is one or teacher which have expertise. Secret domination of this essence "ILMU" not many one who know it coused by generation learn heir of this ESENCE ILMU only degrading at just certain people which they wish, even not rarely only degraded just their ourselves, representing god-given to human being. Intrinsically each and everyone without differentiating religion, race, like and nation have a hidden potency and strength of is no boundary in your self, but very rare there one exploit maximally. In generally, “Ilmu Hakekat Induk Besi” was degraded and popularized in Asia by Ust. DR. Saripudin Damang since 1997. After this time, many of his student was generate this “ILMU” in their Area not only in Indonesia but other country: Malaysia, Singapore, (Korea, Taiwan, Hongkong by Foreign Workers of Indonesian People), Midle-Arab, etc.
The Generation of “Ilmu Hakekat Induk Besi”, do not use black magical method or energy of devil, do not arised by the breath technique, by stomach pressure, chest and under belly pressure, by fasting, or in commonly other method of metaphysic spiritual is like “ilmu tenaga dalam”. The generation of this “ILMU” use the Method of Spiritual Essence.
This “ILMU” is one of the among so much high level spiritual safety essence. For anyone has already generated this ILMU by the Ilmu Hakekat Induk Besi teacher, then In sha Allah (with god willing) his body will not be harmed and saved from all sorts of the weapons attack that made from metal or other things. Based on our`s student experience, it is not only for high safety spiritual power but it can maintain our body from desease or viruses as body health care system.
So, what are you waiting for? Do not use devil energy or black magic. It can destroy your life.
In Generally, use of Ilmu Hakekat Induk Besi, in sha Allah :
  • To increase the self-confidence to actualize the buried positive potential come to the social life for better quality of life.
  • To get the peaceful soul, enable to control the negative energy out of life and bring the positive one to optimize, and encourage the positive behavior in work, home and social.
  • To Increase the quality system of body metabolism.
  • Increasing the quality system of body defense
  • Increasing the quality system of body regeneration
  • Increasing the quality of central nervous system
  • Increasing the vitality and preventing from lethargy
  • To prevent from heart attack and stroke
  • Preventing from skin aging. Keep the body beauty, face, belly and breast
  • Increasing growth and intellectuality
  • Increasing sex libido
  • Having the ability to form the self-metaphysic fence (meta-energy fence) and someone else preventing for crime such as robbery, hold-up, abduction, or murder.
  • The ability to form the self-metaphysic (meta–energy fence) and someone else preventing from negative energy (black magic) sent by anybody or black power spirit (unbeliever genie) such magical formula, magic, and voodoo.
  • Having the ability to form the self-metaphysic (meta–energy fence) and someone else preventing from hypnotized, magnetism, gendam and negative telepathy sent by anybody to us.
  • The ability to form the self-metaphysic (meta-energy fence) to cover home, office, land, motor-car, car and any kind of properties, preventing from thieve, robbery, and hold-up in society.
  • The ability to cure the victim of negative energy and influence of hypnotize, gendam, negative magnetism, back to normal condition.
  • The ability to give the therapy for victim of black spirit/evil spirit to normal condition.
  • The ability to cure the insomnia patient back to normal, both on children and adult.
  • The better body vitality uses to prevent the cold steel attack, bite, metal strike: sword, hacket, samurai, dagger, etc.Safe from gun shot. Safe from bombing, artillery mortar, hand grenade such happen in social riot.
  • Safing in land travel, sea travel and flight and also mount climbing and forest danger.
  • To harden the hand strike so increases the defense quality from foe attack.

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